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Daytime Daycare

Full Day (5+ hours) - $40 + tax
Hourly - $8.00/hour + tax
Open from 7:00am-6:00pm Mondays
and 7:00am-6:30 Tuesday-Friday!

-We offer full days or just drop in for a few hours!

-Our daycare offers separate sections for small and big dogs!

-Need a quick nail trim, bath, or blowout? Book one while your dog is at daycare!

-New here? We also offer a free intro period which ranges between 1-3 hours.

We have many different types of toys to help us prevent rough play from occurring. From balls to ropes, and teaser toys to squeaky toys, we have it all! 

*Please take note that we do not accept intros through the online booker. You must call us to schedule an intro before your dog can start coming to daycare!

*We do not accept drop-in for new dogs who haven't been with us before. We do have some exceptions, please phone us to double check. 

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Daytime Daycare: Welcome
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