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"Do you accept drop-ins?"

Absolutely we do! Here at Daisy's we understand that things come up, and by accepting drop-ins, we are doing our best to help you when you're in need of a few unexpected hours of pet care! A drop-in only costs $7.25 (plus taxes) per hour that your dog is here.
*Please take note that we don't offer drop-ins for dogs who haven't been here (have not had their introduction session), however, we have some exceptions. Please call us to inquire about these exceptions.

"Do you accept intact females and males?"

Here at Daisy's, our #1 goal at is to create a fun, and safe space for dogs to play. In order for this goal to be achieved with the most success, we do ask that your dog be neutered/spayed before coming into daycare.

*If you have a puppy who is not yet neutered/spayed due to being too young, we understand! We do have a neuter/spay flexible age period between 6-12 months. Please give us a call, and one of our staff members will be happy to help you book an introduction play session!

"Is there an outside, fenced yard?"

We do have a decently sized fenced yard outside, for the dogs to do their business and sniff around, as well as an our indoor yard for playing! In the near future, we are hoping to expand our fence-line to provide a larger outdoor space, so that we can do more outdoor activities with the dogs in the warmer months, and have more space for your fur babies to burn off that extra energy!

"Do you board dogs?"

Unfortunately, Daisy's Doggy Daycare is not a boarding kennel. If you need any recommendations on a boarding kennel, feel free to ask our staff!

"Are there separate sections for small and larger dogs?"

Yes! We understand that while some small dogs play well and get along with the bigger dogs, it does not mean all do! We have many gates and fences to help us keep them separated and happy!

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