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Bocces Bakery Treats

$9.99 - $12.99

Bocces Bakery all natural, human grade ingredient treats make them a perfect choice for your pup! 

Come by and see our selection of flavours, which include:

-Soft and chewy cheese recipe, PB and Banana recipe, Duck recipe, Turmeric Latte, Sweet Dreams (made with chamomile), and bye bye stinkies (for good digestion)

-Crispies Beef liver and Cheese recipe ,Banana and Bacon recipe, and PB and Blueberry recipe

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Lamb Chops

Price and size varies

Lamb Chop stuffy toys! Available in:
Mini- $5.99
Small- $6.99
Medium- $15.00
Large- $25.00

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Nite Ize- Light up pet products

Price Varies

Love night time, or early morning walks, but find it hard to see your furry friend? These light up collars and clip on collar light will help solve that!
Light Up Collar- $25.99
Clip On Light- $12.00

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Tibetan Dog Chews

Price Varies

Yak Cheese Chews!

-Natural, limited ingredients, No preservatives, Grain and gluten free, the list goes on!

Small- $12.00

Medium- $13.00

Large- $15.00

X-Large- $18.00


Mega Egg - Medium

$10.00 + tax

A great option for a mind stimulating toy! The egg shape makes it roll around as if it has a mind of its own, leaving your dog with a challenging, yet fun game to keep them entertained!


Jolly Ball

$38.00 + tax

A large ball of fun for your pup to enjoy!

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Teaser Balls

$15.00 + tax

This is an interactive ball that has a softer ball on the inside, which makes it so desirable for the dogs!

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Puppy Cake

$12.99 + tax

Try our Puppy Cake mix! We have 5 different flavours to meet all your dog's birthday needs!

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Shortbread Cookie Kit

$21.99 + tax

Shortbread cookie kit - for dogs! This all natural cookie kit makes perfect treats for your pup, and it comes with a free cookie cutter!

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Puppy Scoops

Regular - $11.99 + tax
Goats Milk - $15.99 + tax

Similar to our Puppy Cake mix, Puppy Scoops are the perfect cold treat for your dog! We have lots of different flavours to choose from!

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Bully Sticks - Large

$12.25 + tax

Exeter Farms Natural Pet Treats! 11"-12" Free range bull stick supreme!


WAG - Beef Tripe Treats


WAGs grain free, small batch beef treats are a great natural treat for your dog!


Variety treats

Price Varies

Bully sticks (small) - $5.75 + tax
Beef jerky (small) - $2.50 + tax
Beef jerky (large) - $5.00 + tax

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Puppy Cake Silicone Baking Trays

$18.99 + tax

Want to make a dog bone shaped Puppy Cake? We have large silicone baking trays available in multiple colours!

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Snuffle Mats


Does your dog eat way too fast? We have snuffle mats available in store!
Snuffle mats are designed to help slow your dog's eating habits, and with many loops and folds, this mat makes your dog work for their food!

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Customizable Mugs


 12 oz mugs in white, available and 100% customizable! Add your own image, text or slogan!  

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Engraved Dog Tags


With not many stores in the Parksville area that make dog tags, we decided to bring them into our products! We can customize the colour, and the text on the front and back of the tags.

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Dog Bandanas

$10 + $5 for customization

One of a kind Tie Dye bandanas made with love! Sizes vary from x-small to x-large.

lee anns wristlets.png

Customizable Wristlets

$7 + $5 for customization

Leather wristlets for your keys, we can add a name, quote and customize colour.

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